Front-End Developer

I design web experiences
for creative minds.
I build digital products
with a hint of minimalism
and a pinch of artistic flair.


In 2020, I embarked on a journey to learn new skills and enrolled at Le Wagon’s coding bootcamp.
Design is a multi-faceted world and I explore each avenues with the same passion for details and attention to functionality.


A web agency website.

Web Design : Figma
Logo Design and Branding: Adobe Illustrator

A platform for designers to sell digital products.

CMS: WordPress
E-commerce: Woocommerce
Front-end development: html, css, php

Began App

An app to help your process toward veganism.

Framework: Ruby on Rails
Web Design: Figma
Front-end development: html, css, javascript

A blog about contemporary textile design.

CMS: WordPress
Front-end development: html, css, php