Vicky André is a French surface designer who lives and works in Montreal, Canada.
After studying and teaching Visual Arts in Paris, Vicky quickly felt the need to put her creative mind to more concrete applications. Fascinated by contemporary art and intrigued by the power of fashion, it is quite naturally that she trained in leather crafts and textile design in Montreal.
Interested in the tactility of things, her artistic universe is built primarily through her travels and urban wanderings, transforming photography and geometry into visual textures.

“I like simplicity and exuberance.
I like paradox and contradiction.
I like constraint and obligation.
And I like the strength and the minimalism of the color black.
It is in this organized chaos, that I find the greatest creativity.
Obsessed by the geometric shape of the circle, I challenge myself to create the most graphic proposals as possible, around and from this unique form. Symbolizing the infinity of possibilities, the circle pushes me to want to reinvent, dissect and reconstruct it to better appropriate it.
Always eager to discover and in a perpetual admiration of the creative world that surrounds me, my approach to textile design is primarily motivated by the need to find my own personal signature. ”

Vicky André.

Now teaching textile design, Vicky André combines several activities: her blog Collectif Textile, created in 2012 with her friends and associates to promote contemporary textile creation; and her print design studio called ct • studio.